Colour Guide

The type of printing process used will dictate the range of colours. A full digital photograph cannot be rendered using a screenprinting process, for example. Our product catalogue specifies the type of printing process used for each product.

Promo Print Direct uses:

CMYK : ‘Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black’, is an Industry standard formula that is designed to give the most precise colour reproductions.

RGB : ‘Red, Green & Blue’, is mainly used for screen and photography with a much broader and more intense range of colours than CMYK. We only use RGB colours when printing via die sublimation. Products using this process are the neoprene Trucker Caps, Mousemats and Stubby or Can Holders.

Standard CMYK Spot Colours : Our standard colours are a range of nine basic colours (red, yellow, green, blue, black, orange, white, gold and silver), that are available for specific printing processes. This allows printing to be done very economically keeping the product price as low as possible. Note that custom colours are available and conditions apply. Contact us for further information.

Our product guide details where standard colours are specified. These products are normally ‘gang’ printed, where several jobs are printed together. Below is our range of standard colours, but please note that colours may vary between products.


Standard RGB Spot Colours: Our range of RGB spot colours are used for neoprene products printed through the die sublimation process. These products are our Trucker Caps, Mousemats and Can or Stubby Coolers. Please note that any other colours can be printed, however these colours are our standards that have a guaranteed result:


Other : Products such as digitally printed stickers have no restriction on the type of colours used. The printing process uses a toner based colour instead of ink. There is no restriction on the colour used for pad printing either; however opaque colours such as white, silver and gold provide a better outcome on darker backgrounds.

Promo Print Direct does not use:

Pantone : PMS or Pantone colours are designed to be printed as separate colours via a specific printing process and onto a white background. The PMS range originates from 14 basic Pantone colours and is mixed in a similar manner as house paint with specific quantities contributing to the final PMS colour. PMS colours cannot be matched to either digital or CMYK colours and are to be used as a guide only.